Conscious Leadership Immersion


4 Dec



12 AM - 3 PM MT

Half-day and two-day Conscious Leadership “Camps” to the public and internally to teams to ignite a rapid and applied understanding of Conscious Leadership and the Enneagram.

These are immersive programs — both virtual and in-person — that will drive rapid familiarity for your team members and can provide a level set as you bring on new hires who are interested in understanding the elements of conscious leadership they are witnessing at your organization.

The curriculum is carefully tailored to show successful professionals how they might reach the highest version of their potential and what might be standing in the way. For this to happen, attendees should be game to be open, curious, and willing to be challenged.

Conscious Leadership Immersion can help you:
  • Heighten your self-awareness of how you operate as a leader
  • Discover how you might reach the highest version of your potential and what might be standing in the way
  • Increase alignment between your goals, actions, and areas of genius
  • Increase your executive presence and build muscle in being a more present, conscious listener
  • Spot your personality patterns and blind spots
  • Engender a culture of curiosity, innovation, and candor as a leader and around you on your team
  • Learn skills and tools for embracing and working through conflict
  • Bring more ease and authenticity to your relationships with your boss, colleagues, employees, investors, board members, significant other, and kids
Sue on the drama triangle
Sue on the drama triangle
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What people have to say

Before this program, I thought I was going to leave my job. Now I'm more engaged than ever.
Lucia Ballard
Engineering Manager
This is REAL leadership exploration; none of that fluff that is typical of other leadership sessions.
Dave Faulk

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