Our Roster

Inductive partners with a tight network of trusted, independent coaches and practitioners to deliver our work and programs. Each are industry leaders in their own right, with expertise supercharging teams to do great things.

Devon Tivona

I am a coach with an operator's mindset. I have built and scaled companies with conscious leadership, and I care about feeding curiosity in myself and others, building great cultures, and finding balance.

Evan Hung

As a coach, I blend my background in product and engineering leadership with the principles of conscious leadership. My coaching zone of genius lies in intuition, empathy, and genuine curiosity.

Heather Frick

I combine my deep operational experience and conscious leadership practice to help leaders identify the core patterns holding them back, and to quickly apply practical ways to make impactful changes.

Juhi Kabra

I leverage my unique combination of operational leadership and coaching/facilitation experience to empower executives to communicate and collaborate effectively, scale their impact, and lead with empathy and courage.

Keith Gruen

I coach and facilitate with a grounded and real-world perspective built to co-create the awareness, wisdom, and clarity necessary for your next, greatest success.

Kim Wagner

I blend together my product management expertise, conscious leadership principles, and hands-on people management experience to empower leaders and foster high-performing teams.

Leah Pearlman

I am a space holder for my clients, welcoming the shiny and shadowy parts. Together you and I will efficiently uncover and untangle core patterns that have the most wide-reaching impacts on your life.

Liz Nelson

I am the strategic business partner for Inductive. I also facilitate incisive, action-oriented 360 Reviews that inspire leaders to increased awareness and growth.

Nancy Kepner

As a competitive tennis player, I bring an athlete’s mindset to my coaching. I support leaders to unlock more of their potential with steady attention, facilitated insights, and tailored practices.

Paul Warner

I create an environment that invites participants to openly share, build trust, navigate difficult topics, and establish deeper authentic connections.

Raena Hubbell

I am an Enneagram expert, with a keen ability to help people discern their personality type and use that insight to be their best. The Enneagram is a superb tool for building high-performing, engaged teams.

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