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A Company Coach engagement with Inductive mirrors the benefits and features of coaching engagements discussed in detail in Bill Campbell’s Trillion Dollar Coach.

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In this one-year partnership (which often extends for years), one or more Inductive team members leverage Conscious Leadership, facilitation skills, business operating background, and their coaching acumen to become a company “insider” with the added-value of providing an “outsider” perspective. In a company coach relationship, Inductive develops a deep familiarity with the vision and strategic plans of a client company, and serves as a regular resource to the CEO, leadership teams, and occasionally the entire company.

These engagements are uniquely structured and fluid to meet the needs of the client; however, common elements include an Inductive team member:

  • Enmeshing herself in the annual and long-term strategic goals of the company, understanding business plans, competitive landscape, and regular planning/goals cadence.
  • Launching through meeting all key leadership with background interviews to understand each leader’s focus, perspective, and the general dynamics of the leadership team and the company.
  • Determining Enneagram Personality Type for all leaders.
  • Offering a leadership team and ultimately, as desired, the entire company, a grounding education on the core models of Conscious Leadership. Focus areas include 100% responsibility, conscious communication, feedback, clean agreements, and leader coaching skills.
  • Coaching the CEO regularly and other leadership team members occasionally.
  • Regularly attending senior leadership team meetings and participating in a facilitation and coaching role in productive ways.
  • Attending and/or facilitating leadership team offsites, annual company kickoffs.
  • Conducting 360 reviews for leaders as needed.
  • Getting involved in occasional challenging key team member dynamics.
  • Sharing authentic outsider observations on an ongoing basis on both the context and the content.


Thoughts from our friends

Kaley has an unequalled ability to create a safe environment in order to maximize learning and personal growth. Her focus, energy and sensitivity have been instrumental in our process to learn how to communicate meaningfully.
Eric Morin
Kaley is one of the truly special people that I have had the good fortune of working with. She is an extension of my team and one of my most trusted confidantes. Kaley gave us the tools to purposely build the culture we wanted.
Larry Miles
Sue was our G2 company coach and my conscious leadership coach. She's helped me really grow my self awareness, feeling of calm aliveness, and the level of connection, talent and alignment in our G2 leadership team.
Godard Abel
Kaley’s acute intellect and mastery of Conscious Leadership, coupled with her unbounded positive energy, helped transform my leadership potential and that of our team. We are a better team – and I am a more effective leader – because of our investment with her.
Cali Tran

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