The Inductive Fellowship


9 Oct



Boulder, Colorado
9 AM - 5 PM MST

The Inductive Fellowship is a two-day gathering of high-performing young leaders learning to apply the same leadership tools used by executives of the world’s most successful organizations.

This fellowship is a complete re-think of how professional development should work.

We started with the theories, mindsets, practices, and tools of executive leaders at the fastest-growing startups, leading F500 enterprises, and awe-inspiring non-profit organizations. Our material draws from conscious leadership theory, our extensive operating background, and our coaching acumen.

This is the good stuff. The stuff that works. But instead of keeping it accessible to only the executives who could afford 1:1 coaching, we distilled this material into a cohort-based, in-person, 2-day workshop to unlock high-performance young leaders.

The result? A transformative experience that feels like an accelerator for people.

We help Inductive Fellows identify and channel their unique gifts, accelerate progress in their personal and professional goals, collaborate more effectively with their team, and connect with people like them around the world.

Participants at an Inductive-led group event
Participants at an Inductive-led group event

For Participants

Throw away your preconceptions of “leadership development.” There will be no slides, conference rooms, coursework, or homework.

Instead, the Inductive Fellowship is a two-day experience for a curated and intimate group of high-potential and like-minded individuals, coming together to learn more about themselves, up-level their leadership skills, and develop meaningful interpersonal connections.

Our time will be focused on learning and practicing conscious leadership—a personal and professional toolkit grounded in awareness, authenticity, empathy, and purpose. We’ll explore a number of tools that help leaders get out of their own way, end drama in the workplace, and foster intentional cultures that empowers team members to bring their whole selves to work.

In essence, we’ll help you (a) become the uniquely talented leader that only you can be and (b) support you in inspiring your teams to unlock the best versions of themselves.

Top Benefits
  • A deeper understanding of your own patterns and behaviors
  • Practical tools to increase your effectiveness as a leader or influencer in your organization
  • A tight-nit community of other high-performance, high-EQ young professionals

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For Organizations

Think about the 3-5 most promising young leaders in your organization. You are likely recalling people who have made your company far more successful merely by virtue of their presence, whether they were C-level allies, middle managers, or individual contributors. 

You gave them challenges, and they exceeded expectations. You promoted them, and they rewarded you with accelerated leadership. These folks are your next generation of executives.

Still, young leaders in the middle or IC ranks can be overlooked for personal and professional growth opportunities. They may not qualify for executive coaching, but they are hungry to learn and expand their range. 

Perhaps your organization offers standard professional development, but these folks crave and need the advanced course. Or perhaps you lead a growing startup without a formal L&D team, but you’re looking for a way to up-level your top talent.

We built the Inductive Fellowship for them. By sponsoring an Inductive Fellow, you will light an even more powerful fire under your highest-potential emerging leaders by equipping them with lifelong skills adapted from the world’s most successful executive leaders.

Top Benefits
  • Even more engaged and competent young leaders
  • Loyal team members who need not leave your firm to grow
  • A stellar network to continue to fuel the learning and impact of these leaders

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The Network

Beyond the 2-day onsite, we create live and digital opportunities for participants to stay connected with their cohort and leverage the experience and support of the broader roster of Inductive Fellows.

Who is an Inductive Fellow?

An Inductive Fellow is a rising team member (4-8 years of career experience) in an operating role below the C-Suite (for example, VP, Director, Manager, or high-impact IC) who embodies the following ethos:

Influence: Inductive Fellows are natural leaders, even if they don’t manage anyone. They have persuasive authority even if they don’t have decision rights. They are a trusted voice.

Initiative: Inductive Fellows beat your expectations. Always. They are the glue of your organization, driving outcomes and culture from the middle. An Inductive Fellow isn’t keeping up with you. You need to keep up with them.

Impact: An Inductive Fellow makes a massive difference in your business and in the lives of those around them. They own and embody your organization’s vision and values.

Early-Bird Pricing

Discounted pricing is available for applications submitted before June 1, 2024.

$1,999 (discounted from $2,499) for one Inductive Fellow.

$1,799 (discounted from $1,999) each to send 3 or more Inductive Fellows from your organization. 

Event pricing includes continued access to the Inductive Fellowship Network for two years. Payment is due after application acceptance in order to secure a spot in the cohort.

Program Facilitators

Juhi Kabra

Juhi Kabra is an executive coach, facilitator, and Chief of Staff to the CEO at Redesign Health. She also serves as a First Round Fast Track mentor, angel investor, and startup advisor. She loves to read, travel, host dinner parties, hike, weight lift, Peloton, and play board games. She’s also a certified vinyasa yoga teacher! Juhi is an Enneagram 1 and a connector archetype. She lives in Brooklyn, NY with her husband and daughter.

Devon Tivona

Devon Tivona is a coach, executive leader, and founder with a decade of experience applying conscious leadership practices to the workplace. Most recently, Devon was VP of Products at Coupa, and previously CEO and founder at Pana (sold in 2020). He's passionate about feeding curiosity, building great cultures, finding balance, and taking care of our planet. Devon lives in the hills of Portland, Oregon, where he's most frequently cooking (or eating), spending time with his wife and pets, or wandering around outside wondering how the trees get so big in the PNW.

Kim Wagner

Kim Wagner is a Product technology leader with over 10 years of experience with early-stage tech companies. After the tools of conscious leadership transformed her own personal and professional life, she worked to integrate them into the culture of her teams. She has seen first hand how these tools can help reduce drama, increase performance, and create workplaces that people really love working in. Kim is Colorado based. You’ll find her in the mountains hiking with her partner, stepson, and her (sometimes) adventure cat Mango.

Learn more about Juhi, Kim, Devon, and the rest of our team on Our Roster.

This fellowship is a complete re-think of how professional development should work.


Program Schedule

Boulder, Colorado
Day 1
Oct 9
9 AM - 5 PM MST
Day 2
Oct 10
9 AM - 5 PM MST


What people have to say

This is REAL leadership exploration; none of that fluff that is typical of other leadership sessions.
Dave Faulk
Before this program, I thought I was going to leave my job. Now I'm more engaged than ever.
Lucia Ballard
Engineering Manager

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