Team, Company, and Forum Facilitation

The facilitators at Inductive have worked with hundreds of leadership and functional teams around the world.

We have facilitated more than 400 YPO and other CEO forums. We also have created and led forums inside companies and organizations.

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Inductive brings unparalleled professionalism and excellence to facilitation, supporting leaders, forums, and teams to generate transformational learnings in hours instead of months or years.

Inductive is an invaluable outside resource to teams and companies that leverages years of senior business operating experience as well as the Enneagram and Conscious Leadership.

Through bespoke agendas, engaging exercises, and practical, post-session action items, Inductive facilitation will prompt geometric improvement in your team’s attitude, engagement, productive collaboration, and candor.


Praise for our facilitation

Kaley has facilitated my forum retreat the last 3 years. Our forum has grown as a group and I’ve learned so much about myself during our retreats with her. Kaley is an 11 out of 10.
John Udelson
I appreciate Kaley’s deeply grounded presence, expert use of visuals, quick smile, and ability to set the group at ease. Kaley created the conditions where members had to look beyond their assumptions to see the jewels hidden within each person.
Peter Evans
If you want to take your forum to the next level of insights and transformation, then I highly recommend Sue. She has a way of making sure that everyone comes away with a deep personal insight that is transformative in their life. And she gives our forum just the right tools to ensure that our time together becomes more valuable.
Vlada Bortnik
Marco Polo
Sue gave us a master class on Mission, Vision, and Values, and I so appreciate the results.
Mark Josephson
Founder & CEO

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